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Christie Owen

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I like to find visual solutions and utilize a variety of tools, mediums and applications to transfer concepts and techniques from project to project in order to keep evolving. I find a simultaneous harmony going back and forth between working without intention and careful planning. The materials I use help guide my process while searching for new combinations. Being both a designer and artist cultivate an intermix of minimalist and organic themes. My work tends to have a rustic and heavily textured quality as a result of my visceral approach but the final result is intended to appear quiet to reflect a “less is more” outlook on life and art. Making art is a way for me to escape the technological realm, contemplate modern living and nature and then communicate how each domain influences another. It is my intention to engage the viewer to utilize the art, fill a void with something beautiful, improve emotional and environmental disposition and evoke a sense of balance and tranquility in the modern world.

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